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Luminary Sounds is the Independents Music A&R for discovering the undiscovered. Based in Southern California, Luminary Sounds is dedicated to help break undiscovered talent into the mainstream through music reviews, interviews, live shows, and our podcast. The platform was created by musical artist Junior LLedo, and music enthusiast, Francois The Great. With so much attention focused on top Billboard artists, the independent artist is often overlooked. Featured in Voyage LA Magazine and VC Reporter for their outstanding work, Luminary Sounds steps in as leading platform to bridge emerging artists and fans together. 

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It's easy to find musical artists because there are so many to choose from but imagine finding multiple artist that the world also notices. Luminary Sounds listens to countless artist every week in the hopes of finding the next artist to break into the mainstream. 

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Discovers the undiscovered

An independent music podcast based in Ventura County is helping undiscovered musical artists across all genres break into the mainstream music scene through reviews, interviews and recorded live performances.

Luminary Sounds was created by musical artist Odell “Junior LLedo” Davis of Oxnard and musical enthusiast Francis “Francois the Great” Ampiaw of Sherman Oaks last year. The two met 12 years ago working at a bank in Simi Valley and learned they both had a passion for music.

“Junior asked that if he started a podcast would I do it with him,” Ampiaw, 40, said. “I was already doing album reviews for mainstream and independent artists. Before [R&B artist] Ella Mai made it big, everyone would always ask me, ‘how did you know she was going to be so big? You need to take this seriously.’ ”




Music Reviews



A music review can be telling depending on who and how it's being told. We highlight what's beautiful in the artist. In our music reviews we actually listen to each song to understand the artist. Many of the artist we've reviewed have gained mainstream success. We take pleasure in watching all artist's reach another level of growth. 


Junior LLedo and Francois The Great give Pink Sweat$ a music interview for Honesty song.



In 2018 an artist with a unique name and sound came across our radar. He went by the name of Pink Sweat$. After listening to "Honesty" it was time to do a review and tell the world why Pink Sweat$ was the next artist for fans to notice. Since 2018 the "Coke and Henney" singer has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, The Breakfast Club, and featured on Wale's newest album. 

Junior LLedo and Francois The Great giving a music review on Danileigh with Luminary Sounds.



Luminary Sounds 2018 Music Review of Danileigh wasn't by accident. Although there are a countless of new artist emerging every day the "Lil Bebe" singer stood out. As we fast forward to the end of 2019, Danileigh has been featured on The Breakfast Club, No Jumper, Hot 97, and has worked with YG, Lil Baby, YBN and Chris Brown. 

Junior LLedo and Francois The Great at Salzers Records, conducting a music review with Summer Walker for Luminary Sounds.



We first came across Summer Walker with "CPR" a song that embodied presence and confidence. It was an easy decision to feature Summer Walkers previous album "Last Day of Summer" because she's simply a star. She's the female artist that has her cake and eats it too. An artist that expresses her feelings with no hesitation. Since our feature on Summer Walker she's worked alongside Drake, 6lack, Bryson Tiller, London on da Track, Rick Ross, Usher, Raury, and dropped the #1 R&B Album of 2019, "Over It" 


Francois The Great and Junior LLedo host the Ventura County Music Awards at Levity Live in Oxnard, California.

Hosting Music Awards

Vc Music Awards

Francois The Great & Junior LLedo host the 7th Annual Ventura County Music Awards. 

Oxnard Jazz Festival

Luminary Sounds host Junior LLedo and Francois The Great host the Oxnard Jazz Festival in Oxnard California.

Hosting Festivals

Oxnard Jazz Festival

Junior LLedo & Francois The Great host The 4th Annual Oxnard Jazz Festival. 

WGA Writers Guild Awards 2020

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We're proud to have the #1 Independent Musical Podcast. It's important that your Luminary Talent be discovered.  




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